Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Beaver Mines Water and Wastewater Project update

Chris Davis - At their May 9 meeting council for the MD of Pincher Creek received an update from Director of Operations Leo Reedyk regarding the Beaver Mines Water and Wastewater project. The report was divided into three components: water supply, water distribution and wastewater collection, and wastewater treatment.

According to the report, "Further capacity study is required following the Provincial Governments announcement of supplying water for Castle Parks and Castle Mountain Resort through the Regional Water System. A meeting was held with Alberta Environment and Parks, Alberta Tourism, Alberta Transportation, MPE Engineering and the MD to discuss some of the technical issues associated with supplying water to Castle Parks and Castle Mountain Resort. Additional meetings are scheduled and the capacity report is due this summer."

Excerpts from the report:

The water supply project includes water treatment plant upgrades, piping to the Hamlet including a booster pump station along the route, and a reservoir and re-chlorination unit. Council has commissioned MPE Engineering to do the detailed design and tender of this project. The project is in the detailed design phase in order to prepare a tender to go out in the spring of 2017. MPE Engineering is doing a detailed survey of the Hamlet to confirm elevations of homes. A letter of introduction from the MD is being supplied to residents requesting the surveyors be allowed onto private property. Ongoing. Negotiations with landowners is continuing and hopefully we will know later in March if a pipeline route easement has been confirmed. Confirmation of the reservoir site layout is being finalized. Construction for this component of the project is tentatively scheduled for completion in the spring of 2018. Location of Booster Pump Station and land purchase negotiation (has been) initiated.

The water distribution and wastewater collection component of the project includes the installation of pipes in the Hamlet to connect residents to the water reservoir and to connect to the wastewater treatment force main. Council has commissioned MPE Engineering to do the detailed design and tender of this project. At project start up meeting with MPE Engineering, options that provided fire flow water capacity and gravity waste water collection for all sites were chosen. These options were also noted as preferred at meetings held with local residents. The detailed design phase of the project is expected to take most of 2017 with the tender happening sometime in the winter of 2017/2018. It is not expected to be constructed until 2018 or later, as in addition to being able to tie into the reservoir, connection to a wastewater system for residents requires, that a wastewater treatment system is operational as well. Where required, easements for utility crossings on private land are being identified. The wastewater treatment system component of the project includes a force main to the , wastewater treatment lagoon system from the Hamlet. The Municipal District is awaiting word in the spring of 2017 on a grant application for this component of the project. Land negotiations for an easement for a wastewater force main are ongoing. Council has yet to commission detailed design of this component of the project. d. Council has requested additional information on the Mill Creek site access. Meetings with area residents were held to discuss preliminary details of the project and to listen to their concerns. A meeting to discuss access to the Mill Creek site was held with the local landowner and MPE engineering.

At their May 9 meeting MD council received Reedyk's report as information.

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  1. The wastewater lagoon scope of this project is extremely flawed on several levels;
    - The project is estimated at $15 Million to accommodate 42 residences (approx. $357 000/dwelling not including the homeowner's cost to hook up to the main) How is this responsible distribution of grant money that's funded by taxpayers.
    - The location of the proposed sewage lagoon is at the confluence of the Castle River and Mill Creek, both headwaters for these rivers originate in the newly formed Castle Park. Why is one level of government (Provincial) putting protection mitigation's in place and another level (Municipal) so willing to take a risk on the same water courses. The 100 year high water mark of the Castle River and Mill Creek has been breached several times in the last 20 years by flood waters.
    - How are the property values affected downstream of this proposed project ? As a landowner directly downstream of this proposal the MD of Pincher Creek was unable to provide any information regarding this question nor did they seem willing to even look into it.

    - How is the cost of this project going to be recovered ? There is no such thing as free money. More than likely the entire tax base in the MD of Pincher Creek will have to bear the burden for years to come.

    This project would never fly in a private organization, so why is a public office so willing to recklessly spend taxpayer dollars ? I'm sure The MD of Pincher Creek could achieve the same objective in a more fiscally and environmentally responsible manner.



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