Monday, May 22, 2017

Congratulations to the 2017 Graduands of Matthew Halton High School

Matthew Haltom High School 2017 Graduating Class
Photos: Lifetouch Photography

Matthew Halton High School 2017 Graduands will be attending their graduation ceremonies including the Cap and Gown Ceremony at Matthew Halton High School at 9:00 am and the Spring Celebration at 2:00 pm the Pincher Creek Community Hall on Saturday, May 27th.

Congratulations to the Matthew Halton High School Class of 2017 from the Pincher Creek Voice.

Abigail Ney

Ashton Many Grey Horses
Aubrey-Anne Jensen
Austin Bruder
Austin Ford
Braden Jessen

Braeden Dupuis
Braelyn Hindes
Brandan Giesbrecht
Brant Sabo
Brenden Lissel

Bruce Kirby
Bryce Conley
Carter Oczkowski
Chae-Lynn Griffin
Chaz Vance
Claire Madsen
Colten Teneycke
Conner McLeod
Courtney Doell
Craig Oliver
Deloy Mackenzie
Emily Doell
Hayden Varley
Hayley Pettersen
Jack Mitchell
Jacoby Provost
Jean Paradis
Joash Rushton
Joel Lewis
John Walker
Joshua Fitzgerald
Kaitlin Speight
Kyle Dyck
Liam Meier
Logan Kaack
Marissa Hagglund
Mary Dietze
Matthew Duncan
Miranda Van Loon
Morgan Grineage
Nicholas Jordan
Parker Starzyk
Riley McClain
Ryan Plante
Saylor LaGrandeur
Stuart Lewis
Tom Welsch
Tyler Riviere
Tyson Goodreau
Tyson Malhi
Zach Krampe

Not pictured: Dylon Anderson, Austin Kristjanson, Tyler Collins, Liam Yellow Horn, Keith Hope-Durocher, Krystan Crow Shoe, and Stacey Olivieri

Congratulations to each and everyone of you for your achievement.

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