Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Foothills Park to get new outhouse

Chris Davis - At their May 9 meeting council for the MD of Pincher Creek No. 9 approved a proposal to upgrade the washroom facilities at Foothills Park (also known as Fishburn Park) by replacing them with a double unit from Beauvais Lake that has been decommissioned by Alberta Parks.  The quoted price including tank and delivery was $2500.  It is reported to be in good shape but in need of fresh paint.  The MD will be responsible for digging the required holes.  

In his May 4 written report to council Director of Operations Leo Reedyk said "I spoke with Diane McGlynn about the type and amount of activity at the park. She indicated that there was a lot of people at the Easter egg hunt a couple of weeks ago and that there are people there for long weekends, evening groups, camper bookings, 4H events and the occasional church event. She also indicated that the activity runs from May to October typically with small groups but occasionally up to 30 people." On April 20 Reedyk told council "Public Works has indicated the probable cost to remove the existing outhouses and install the used unit from Alberta Parks is estimated to be $2500."

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