Sunday, May 7, 2017

Letter to the Editor: Questioning earlier letter to the editor

E. Rob - Who is D. Gray?  We have recently seen the second letter to the editor by D. Gray.  This individual claims to be a proud resident of Pincher Creek, but the letters seem to have an incredibly negative tone.

D. Gray boasts of being a researcher, philanthropist, entrepreneur, grant writer etc., etc. If in fact they are an entrepreneur, is their business located on Main Street to help attract consumers to the downtown core? Are they a member of the Chamber of Commerce? As a philanthropist, what Pincher Creek groups or charities have benefited from your generosity? As a grant writer, have you offered your expertise to the group you claim was turned away by town departments? You talk about conflicts of interest within town departments, yet it seems you have information that may not have been available to the public. Where are you getting this information? Do you have an "inside" source, and if so, doesn't that breach confidentiality rules?

One has to wonder, who is this D. Gray and what is the hidden agenda behind the accusations being made in these letters to the editor?

Remember folks, there are municipal elections on the horizon, is D. Gray laying the ground work for a political campaign for themselves, or someone else?

If in fact D. Gray, you are a proud resident of Pincher Creek, with all these fancy credentials, why don't you stop complaining and actually "put your money where your mouth is," and step up to help Pincher Creek thrive?

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