Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Men's clothing desperately needed by Lethbridge's Streets Alive Mission

Streets Alive Mission  - Streets Alive Mission are in desperate need and are asking the Lethbridge community to support their PIN Bank with Men’s Clothing donations. Currently there is little to no stock on the shelves. Please donate to help those in need in our local community.

What is the PIN Bank?

People living on the street have no place to keep a second set of clothes or a place to do laundry. The P.I.N. (People In Need) Bank acts as a closet for these people. The P.I.N. Bank is the workhorse of the Mission. Acting as the closet for the street population, it provides, free of charge, the things that people require for basic survival, employment, or setting up a new household. The result is that once a week (more often in bad weather) they are able to come and get clean clothes in exchange for the clothes they are wearing. Those clothes are laundered and re-enter the bank.

Currently, the Mission is not able to launder and replace the men’s clothes. There is simply nothing on the shelves to exchange. On Friday, the PIN Bank had to turn 38 men away as they had no replacement clothes for them.

Pastor Julie Kissick, co-founder of Streets Alive Mission, says, “In all the years we've served in Lethbridge, I've never seen it like this. It's not for a lack of donations, as the community is very generous. But the need is so great right now. We can't keep men's clothes on hand. Everything we get is going out immediately.”

What is needed?

The Mission is in urgent need of the following men’s clothing for the PIN Bank:
  • Men’s jeans and pants – size 30-34 especially
  • Men’s shoes - sizes 7-10 especially
  • Hoodies & spring jackets (any sizes)

Unfortunately, many clients of the Mission have no fixed address. This means that they have nowhere to store their extra clothing, and often lose coats, or have the jackets taken from them by others. This is one of the reasons continuous donations are needed.

Women’s items can also be donated. By far the greatest need, however, is for men’s clothing.

How can people help?

Streets Alive Mission gratefully accept donations of clothing, shoes, etc. at the downtown office, 323 4th St South, Lethbridge. Office hours are Monday to Friday, 9:30am to Noon, and 1pm to 4:30pm (closed for lunch from 12-1pm). Alternatively, people are able to phone the office on (403) 320-1159 and another drop-off time can be arranged.

Financial donations are also welcome toward the purchase of underwear or other needed items. Visit the Streets Alive Mission website to donate online, and look at the Mission Market to select specific needs to support.


Streets Alive Mission began as the vision of three women back in 1989 to reach out to the impoverished and homeless people in Lethbridge.

Streets Alive Mission has seen six different locations and is now located at 323 4 Street South, in downtown Lethbridge.

There are several life-recovery programs run by Streets Alive Mission, including a People In Need (PIN) Bank, men’s and women’s transitional housing, and “Feeding Them Hope” - providing one meal a day, 7 days a week. All of these programs are provided by generous donations of community supporters, and teams of committed volunteers. No government funding is used for Streets Alive Mission programs.

Streets Alive Mission serves over 125 people per day, on average, through their programs.

Last year alone, Streets Alive Mission provided 2,983 full sets of clothing to people in need, as well as 50,000 sandwiches for those living on the streets or in the shelter and low-income hotels around downtown Lethbridge.

Streets Alive Mission is dedicated to bringing hope to those who have none, by building relationships with the disenfranchised, through a variety of volunteer driven programs.

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