Saturday, May 27, 2017

Mustangs Football requests new field from the Town of Pincher Creek

Toni Lucas - Council for the Town of Pincher Creek heard from a Pincher Creek Mustangs Football delegation at their May 22 regular meeting.  Mustangs coach and organizer Jeremy Nelson said the Mustangs have been in town for over 20 years and would like a new football field.  "I say a facility, that we all can call home. Not just a football facility but a community facility.  Something that football,  soccer, and rugby could use." He explained each of these sports need a large field, and their seasons don't overlap very much.  The Mustangs currently play almost all of their games at the Matthew Halton High School field.  "Personally, I have heard our field referred to as a bone breaker," said Nelson.

Other issues Nelson listed in addition to the hard packed ground are they do not have a regulation sized field which limits the type of events they can host,  no power for the change rooms, no lights, and no water including sewer lines for washroom facilities.  Other issues included scoreboard placement issues, and parking concerns. "What do we need to do to make a reality of a dream?" Councillors Mark Barber and Councillor Lorne Jackson identified themselves as being supporters of the local football teams.  Barber explained that the curling club has to be replaced, and will possibly go along Main Street, possibly in or close to the Multi Purpose Facility.  This would take at least some of the soccer field behind the pool area.  "We are already looking for new locations for a new field... we are actually talking about two new fields."

Councillor Doug Thornton read a motion form the May 8 council meeting from an in-camera decision: "That Council for the Town of Pincher Creek agree to provide more planning and design for a new curling rink facility to be located at the Multipurpose Facility grounds and that the town representatives be authorized to approach landowners regarding potential locations for a new soccer/football field as part of a future sport field development."

Mayor Don Anderberg said the council would like to work with the the Mustangs club.   "Your timing is impeccable." He said the recreation Department hears issues regarding a number of facilities.  "The long and the short of it is... the curling rink does go down by the Multipurpose Facility, we are going to lose a field.  We realize that, so that's why we are actively looking, trying to plan." He said that the Town has not built a new recreational facility in approximately 20 years, and asked for more information regarding the number of people participating through football, soccer, and rugby.

Barber added that the Mustangs Football Club fundraises approximately $10,000 per year just for operation of the club.  Nelson said the group is ready to fundraise to help achieve their goal.

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