Monday, May 22, 2017

Notes from April 24 and May 8 meetings of Pincher Creek's town council

Toni Lucas - The council for the Town of Pincher Creek met during the regular meetings on Monday, April 24 and Monday, May 8 when they voted on a number of issues brought forward for consideration.
  • Representation from the Town at events
  • Pincher Creek to support Vegerville in protest of Case Processing Centre shutdown
  • Council on board with wear the gear contest
  • Celestial Sweets Bakery under consideration to revert to housing
  • Alberta SouthWest proposes a Castle Park Tourism Study

Representation from the Town at events

Council agreed to send one or more representatives to the following parades, celebrations and meetings: They chose to attend both the Minister of Seniors and Housing Meeting and the Grey Matters Conference. Council will send representatives to Sparwood Coal Miner Days Parade, and Bellecrest Days and Parade. Council turned down the invitation to the Granum Canada Day Celebration and Picture Butte Jamboree Days Parade due to scheduling conflicts. 

Pincher Creek to support Vegerville in protest of Case Processing Centre shutdown

Town of Pincher Creek approved a draft letter of support regarding the closure of the Citizen Processing Centre in Vegreville, Alberta. On October 27, 2016 the Federal Government advised the Vegreville Case Processing Centre (CPC) was closing and 280 jobs would relocate to the City of Edmonton. The Vegreville CPC is the largest employer in Vegerville and the decision. According to information from the Town of Vegerville this action was decided with no consultation with the Town, no economic impact assessment, and no understanding of the impact to local residents according to Vegerville. They are concerned the resulting job loss will have negative economic and social impacts in the community.

Council on board with wear the gear contest

Council unanimously voted to donate $500 for the cost of two bicycles for the Wear the Gear competition and Bike Rodeo month. The purchased bicycles are prizes. Children can enter by getting ticketed riding wheeled gear safely in town during the duration of the contest running May and June.

Celestial Sweets Bakery under consideration to revert to housing

Council for the Town of Pincher Creek Held first reading for an application for a Land Use Bylaw Amendment No. 17-D0014 to re-designate Plan 7756AL, Lot 30 from 'Downtown Retail Commercial - Cl' to 'Transitional Commercial - C4'. This property is at the corner of Kettle Street and St. John's Avenue formerly known as Celestial Sweets Bakery. The applicant Justin Toews gives the reason for this proposed amendment as "To allow for residential occupancy. Specifically to add to the available low cost rental properties in our lovely little town."

That Council for the Town of Pincher Creek agreed to hold a public hearing on Bylaw 1547-AC amending the Land Use Bylaw on June 12, before consideration of second and/or third reading.

Alberta SouthWest proposes a Castle Park Tourism Study

The Town of Pincher Creek decide to accept as information a letter sent from Alberta SouthWest to Minister of Environment and Parks Shannon Philips, and Minister of Economic Development and Trade Deron Bilous, regarding the proposal of a Castle Park Tourism Study. The letter reads in part as:

"On beha1f of the Directors and the 16 member communities of Alberta South West Regional Economic Development Alliance (Alberta SW REDA), we applaud the initiative to establish the Castle Wilderness and Castle Provincial Parks, and anticipate positive regional and provincial economic impact.

We request that your government commission a "Tourism and Recreation Regional Economic Impact Assessment" to determine the assets, gaps and opportunities in the region. Facts and research are essential to informed discussion and opportunity development.

To that end, please know that you have 16 communities with a stake in the future of the region, the planning and outcomes. We offer om time, local knowledge-and ideas to assist the department, Together we can create a valuable perspective not only of economic, impacts related to tourism and recreation, but also of the social, cultural and environmental considerations of permitted activities and developments related to the Parks.

Highways, 2, 22, and 3 are corridors that interconnect our rural communities and landscapes. While early consultations have focused on the municipalities adjacent to the proposed park areas, we request an economic impact study that would include our entire region. The impacts, benefits and challenges are shared issues. And, as a collaborative network, we can also serve to effectively communicate information to our communities, businesses and stakeholders."

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