Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Sabres Maker Day challenged young minds

Toni Lucas - Livingstone School held a Sabres Day on Friday, May 12.   The theme for this Sabres Spirit Event was Maker Day.  All the students participated in making and experienced the frustrations and triumphs of moving something through the thought process of ideas, envisioning and creation.  Students could pick from a myriad of categories.  A the end of the day the school assembled in the gym with their projects to allow everyone the chance to view other projects and learn from each other.

Gus and Julian - Woodworking
Danielle - Duct tape design

Superhero helpers Kenzie and Kace

There was room for the youngest children to make aides for the super heros they admire:  Fast get away vehicles, lookout towers, and parachutes to escape from the towers if the stronghold was stormed.  Another young group was challenged to build tall towers from paper and tape which were then the towers were tested with wind, a challenge an engineer constructing in our climate would face.  Another group questioned what they could do to help alleviate boredom on long road trips.  They created items to organize, soothe, stimulate, or to just pass the time as each looked at their own dilemmas with being a passenger in life.

Carson's Tower of Power
Madison's wind powered sculpture

There were classes on different levels of woodworking, cardboard creations, fun with kite making and flying, wordsmithing, and duct tape creations.  Lego and wind powered sculptures took shape throughout the day.  a hoard of medieval knights bravely did battle armed in cardboard and duct tape armour.  Stop motion photography with lego creations were on the list of things to sample.

Art created at the food bank
Some even got to leave the school for a trip.  One group went to Calgary to learn how to design spaces for a day.  Another group of youths did a food drive, and helped out at the local food bank.  Their canny young minds were not satisfied with merely stacking boxes on the shelves, however.

No matter what project the students chose they seemed to derive great enjoyment from their personal accomplishments throughout the day and learned more about the process of making.  They hopefully have new appreciation for each object they encounter and how much work can go into the creation of anything, and everything.

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