Saturday, May 27, 2017

Teaching respect for water a community effort

Photos courtesy of Waterton Biosphere Reserve, unless otherwise noted
Toni Lucas - Water is essential to life. On Wednesday, May 24 the general public and a number of students in the Pincher Creek area got the chance to learn more about water, and the waterway they live on. Day on the Creek included seven stations set up throughout the town and surrounding area with a host of information to share and 17 activities.

Most of the places one could go to were on the creek walking path, including at the Agricultural Grounds, Dilmer Park, Lions Park, Fire Hall Bridge, and behind the pool. There were tours of the Water Treatment Plant and the Oldman Dam facility as well. Some of the stations were aimed at the very young or school groups up through grade 12. All sought to educate and most stations were open to the public to enjoy.

Whether one visited an area on how to formulate the math for pool chemicals, orienteering, aquatic invertebrate investigation. water treatment, native animals and plants, understanding your watershed, or pre-school water play, it all centered around water. Many people were involved all over the area trying to impart a respect and understanding of the water which sustains us all.

Some of the groups involved included the Town of Pincher Creek, Waterton Biosphere Reserve, Oldman Watershed Council, Family Center, Alberta Environment and Parks, Lethbridge College, MD of Pincher Creek, Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village, Cows and Fish, Livingstone Landowners Group, Piikani Traditional Knowledge Services, Tecumseh Agricultural Products, area schools, and a host of volunteers.

T. Lucas photos:

Aquatic invertebrate investigation

One of the many creatures which live in Pincher Creek

Pincher Creek, May 24, 2017

Riparian health monitoring

Pincher Creek Water Treatment Plant 

Matthew Halton Grade 8 students toured the facility,  This is a two story high plastic lined wooden container containing aluminum sulfate.

Trekking back to the school

Bones and hides with Garry Hackler

Bear discovery trail:Jesse Tigner and Annie Loosen 

Native animals and plants: John Hancock

How water flows, downhill: Jacqui Bruns

Attentive Kindergarten students

For capturing bugs to look at.

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