Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The cure for boredom

Alex Hartgerink,

During family vacations, boredom can be deadly. Alex explores a Maker Day session in which students brainstorm how to avoid such a terrible fate.

Alex Hartgerink, Livingstone School - Boredom during family vacations: the deadly disease that kills children. Wait, maybe it’s killing parents. Well, either way, we need a solution, so that’s what these children are looking for. The first thing that happened on the morning of our third and last Sabre Day was a meeting. The children were asked what they hated most about long road trips. They conversed with partners and then shared them with the group. Some were actually pretty funny. My brother, who happened to be in this session, immediately said, “I hate my sisters.” Thanks, kid. Chase whined about how trips are too slow. McKinley said that she can never find a comfortable position to sleep in and she gets car sick. Seandra was saying that her sister always lies her head on her shoulder.

After the brainstorming came the drawing. This turned out to be quite strenuous. They couldn’t sit still or focus for an extensive period of time. Many children couldn’t think of a solution to their problem that they brainstormed. Others knew what they wanted to do right from the get go. One of these children was Anna Friesen. She had an idea within thirty seconds of being sent off to draw. The only real trouble was finding the right materials that would bring her idea to life. She used a light bulb, a plastic cup, a piece of plastic to act as the ramp on top of the light and cup. Her idea was to create an obstacle course for a little orange furry ball that would be attached to a leash. The course would consist of a ramp, a bouncy object (still unknown), the fur ball, and a string to act as the leash.

The main idea amongst the boys was to annoy their siblings so they immediately drew slingshots and loud objects. Amongst the girls however was strictly entertainment and comfort. McKinley invented a seatbelt pillow, a pillow that attaches itself to the seat belt.

Next came the building stage, which many students struggled with. They had such big ideas and such little materials. Others who had simpler ideas had a much easier time building their solutions. When I last saw their projects everyone was a good ways along, some were almost finished.

At this rate children will never kill their parents again. The ideas coming from these brains are almost scientist worthy, and that’s another reason why Livingstone School is amazing.

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