Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The glamour of duct tape

Carley Graf
Making clothes from duct tape sounds like a perfect session for a hillbilly. After all, spare clothes are always a good thing, right? However, at Livingstone School, we have more class than hillbillies. (Or perhaps more non-hillbillies than hillbillies?) Our writer explains.

Carley Graf, Livingstone School - Today (May 12) was one of our school’s special event days, named after our school mascot, the Sabre. We’ve experienced everything from outdoor adventures to smearing paint and throwing around sticky notes until you have something presentable. (This is called “art”.) Today is all about making and trying to create. Trying.

I had chosen to write something called a “Livingstone Life,” a piece of writing that shows how our school is great, or something like that. I wasn’t listening.

“Be back here by 9:30 so you can filter through your notes,” the teacher chimes and the two other students and wandered out into the thin hallways. Now I have to follow suit. Oh, joy.

With a yawn I step out of one classroom and into another, only to be standing at the door for five minutes and tuning out them too.

“You have to sketch out your projects and have them checked over by the teacher afterwards. You’ll be planning for the first half of the class.”

Sketching and planning took place until 9:30 and I had to return to my own supervisor by 9:30. I’ve gotten myself into a pickle. With a reluctant sigh I then make my way into the middle of the classroom and sit onto a desk in the middle of class.

“Shoot me,” Kelsey mutters while fiddling with some green duct tape.

“Okay,” I replied before lazily shooting her a finger gun.

I glance down at the clipboard sitting in my hand and the glossy pink pen writing across it quickly. Glancing upwards, I scan the classroom for something to poke fun of. First thing was a spinner, also called a “fidget toy.” (More like a “distraction device.”) I doubt that Frankie, our resident acrobat, would even need one; it’s more of a want. But I guess you have to follow those hip trends like the other kids, especially the newest addition who has the bland expression of “I’m doing this because Mom wants me to” and the vibes of “I want to leave.” Yes, everyone is having a plethora of fun. “A perfect session for a person who doesn’t want to be here,” Mr. Friesen said once.

The most successful looking project here is Kelsey’s who’s only tapping over her already-existing phone case.

“Carley, are you just writing down what we say?”



They turn away from me, no longer interested, and with that I follow suit, watching someone walk past wearing a garbage bag -- most likely to start making a dress. I believe it suits them the way it was.

(How many suit puns can one writer make?)

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