Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Town of Pincher Creek to release up to $1.3 million for Crestview Lodge rebuild

Toni Lucas - Council for the Town of Pincher Creek agreed to release up to $1.3 million dollars to Crestview Lodge for the smooth continuation of the construction project that has been in progress during this year. The funds were originally committed in April 2014. The 2014 agreement was based on an estimated total construction cost of $13,000,000. That estimate laid out an expectation of 75% federal/provincial funding. The current estimated cost is $12.2 million total cost for construction to completion.

Councillor Doug Thornton said the original agreement was proposed to show the government of Alberta a strong commitment from both the Town and Municipal District of Pincher Creek toward the rebuilding of the aging facility of Crestview Lodge. The Town and MD each pledged support of 1.3 million dollars at that time.

Mayor Don Anderberg said he was concerned as to the accountability of the funds if released directly to the facility as the build has been coming in under estimated proposed budget costs. "It's a matter of if that money is not used, then where's it going? That money was not a blank cheque, there's the contingency of 'up to'." The original agreement proposed a split between the Governments of Town ($1.3 million), MD of Pincher Creek ($1.3 million), the Village of Cowley ($20,000), and Provincial/Federal funding.

Councillor Thornton suggested they communicate to the Pincher Creek Foundation that although the agreement has always been for the construction of the facility they clarify that it is not to be used for infrastructure such as furniture or computers.

The Town of Pincher Creek write a letter to the Pincher Creek Foundation advising that the funds are provided for the construction of the new lodge, and any funds not used in construction are to be refunded to the respective municipalities on a proportional basis. They also directed administration to prepare the funding allocation of 1.3 million dollars to be presented at a public presentation, date to be announced.

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