Monday, June 19, 2017

4-H Multi Club holds 2017 Achievement Day at Heritage Acres

Toni Lucas - On Saturday, June 10 there was a lot of action out at Heritage Acres Farm museum.. Included in the festivities of the Chuckwagon Cookout were two separate 4 H groups hosting their end of the year achievement shows Pincher Creek Multi Club and Silver Reins Light Horse Club.  Multi Club includes kids with a wide variety of interests. Over the 4 H season they could take part in doing a variety of projects, including Public Speaking, Pigs, Sheep, Pheasant, Sewing, Target shooting, and Mechanics. The results of their work were displayed, demonstrated, and judged in the Zoeteman.Vogelaar barn near the entrance of the museum grounds.

Anna Welsch acted as judge for both the hog and sheep shows. She praised the members for the work put into their projects, and admitted to the audience that their was little gap between contenders for how well their animals moved, behaved, weight, and quality.

In the case of the sheep Welsch had two young ladies display each others animals, just to get a better understanding of how capable they were showing an unfamiliar animal. One frisky sheep leaped around the ring, excited by the crowd.

The camaraderie of this tight-knit group of kids was very evident at the show.

Mark Barber accepts the cheque from Club Treasurer Aynsley Nelson

At the end of the day, 4 H gave a donation to the museum of $400 for the use of the space. They have used the facility in previous years, and found that it is conducive to having a good show. "It seems very relaxed," said Dixon Hammond, one of the parents. "It is a good space for the kids, the animals, and the audience.

Justin Nelson, Aynsley Nelson, Jeremy Nelson, and  Jaxon Hammond Mechanical projects

Market Hog Show:

Kalvin Bruder - Grand Champion Hog
Grand Champion Hog Kalvin Bruder 
Reserve Grand Champion Hog Jaxon Hammond

Carter Hammond was the only Junior Hog entrant and was Jillanna Hammond the only Senior Hog entrant, so their pigs competed against the Intermediate class.  Kalvin Bruder earned first place Intermediate and Jaxon Hammond earned second place Intermediate.

Carter Hammond and Jillanna Hammond also competed in the Intermediate Class Showmanship category.

Intermediate Class Showmanship  Brooke Hammond 1st Place, Shawn Hammond 2nd place.

Grooming intermediate winners 1st place Jaxon Hammond.Shawn Hammond 2nd place.

Carter, Jillanna, Brooke and Shawn competed for grand showman and Jillanna was the winner.

Christopher LeBlanc

Grand Champion Christopher LeBlanc 
Reserve Grand Champion Peter Robbins

Maeran Hinch and Jillana Hammond

Intermediate Grooming 1st place went to Eric LeBlanc and 2nd place to Kiera Hinch

Intermediate Showmanship 1st place Christopher LeBlanc and 2nd place Peter Robbins

Intermediate Market Lamb 1st place Christopher LeBlanc and 2nd place Peter Robbins

Senior Grooming 1st to Maeran Hinch and 2nd to Jillanna Hammond

Senior Showmanship 1st place to Jillanna Hammond and 2nd to Maeran Hinch

Senior Market Hog 1st place went to Maeran Hinch and 2nd place went to Jillanna Hammond

Senior & Intermediate Market Hog winners Maeran, Jillanna, Christopher and Peter returned to the ring to compete for Grand and Reserve Grand Champion.

Grand Showman Christopher LeBlanc first place, Maeran Hinch second place.

Peter Robbins also showed his Breeding Ewe: This is year 1 of a 2-year project  for Robbins, so next year he will return with his Ewe and her lamb.

Eric LeBlanc and Peter Robbins
Carter Hammond and Jillanna Hammond

Jillanna Hammond

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