Sunday, June 25, 2017

Big Bike earns $3,614 for Heart and Stroke Foundation

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Toni Lucas - The Heart & Stroke Big Bike was being pedaled around Fort Macleod by the staff, family, and customers of Avail CPA, including Kyla Bruns from the Pincher Creek Avail office on Wednesday, June 8.  The ride raised $3,614 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Brian Nelson, an Avail partner, said,“Riding the Big Bike during June, which is Stroke month, is a great way to contribute to awareness and fundraising, and it’s a really fun team-building exercise for us.”.  The bike is specially designed with 30 seats.

Team members came from Claresholm,, Pincher Creek, and Fort Macleod.  "It was so much fun, we were all laughing and joking, and waving to people as we rode by," said Avail Director of Marketing Karly Bond.  "It was just such a great day, to give back to the community like that, and see so many people get into it."

The bike is available for groups to use, Contact the Heart and Stroke Foundation for more information.

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