Monday, June 5, 2017

Brian Keating presentation June 9 at Heritage Acres


Brian Keating presentation
Friday, June 9, 2017 at 7:00 pm
Heritage Acres Farm Museum Barn
NE of Highway #3 on secondary Highway 785
near Pincher Creek, Alberta.

Honourary Conservation Advisor, Calgary Zoological Society and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Calgary Brian Keating will be holding a family friendly presentation 'In Our Backyard, The Last of the Great North American Plains', Friday, June 9, 2017 at 7:00 pm at the Heritage Acres Farm Museum Barn.

This presentation is hosted by the Livingstone Landowners Group.  As the Head Naturalist of, adventurer, expedition leader, and world traveller, Keating has an important and unique vision to the area around us.   "It is the only remaining part of the Great Plains that, except for the bison, still has a full complement of the original wildlife that lived here some 200 years ago." Explained Keating in an interview.  "In other words, the ecosystem still functions as it always has. It's still relatively wild." He expanded by saying, "This fact, to a large degree, is as a result of the kind of land use that has been prevalent here for the past 100 years: ranching.  With a landscape too difficult to plow, this outstanding terrain and it's wildlife has been preserved."

"I was born in Medicine Hat, and come from ranching 'genetics" (my mother is a Reesor, my Great Grandfather homesteaded in the Cypress Hills).  My grandfather was a keen outdoorsman, and I have memories of being taken out on the land as a youngster, looking for owls, fishing in the Hills, horseback riding and hiking."  Birdwatching encouraged his passion to explore and discover.  "Much to my surprise and amazement, I have somehow managed to make a living from this 'from the heart' interest, which has now taken me all over the world to some of the best wilderness locations on the Planet, leading trips and exploring remote landscapes." Although I am best known for my international travel, my true passion is here, in my Alberta home.  I have a strong belief that we need to talk about nature more, to share the importance of our green spaces with both young and old.  That all important 'bond with nature', I believe, is both life giving and spiritually very important."  He is respected throughout Canada and abroad and is a weekly guest on CBC Radio.

"I will be presenting a number of short video segments that will take us into some of the best wilderness locations in the world, live narrating each one," said Keating.  "The evening will then conclude with a premier showing of a segment of a just completed TV series, "Going Wild", featuring southwest Alberta, our own 'backyard".  "Going Wild" is a 4-part documentary celebrating nature and intact ecosystems and is scheduled to air on National Geographic TV Canada this fall."  In addition to this Keating has been a regular on the Discovery Channel, using his own wilderness adventure and wildlife filming.

Brian Keating lives about 150 days a year in wilderness locations around the world. He’s an adventurer, world traveller, and leader of some 80 expeditions to remote locations in the Arctic and Antarctic, Africa, South America and Canada.  Join him for an evening looking at the world and our own back yard with the segment he calls “Preserving the Last 1%” showcasing the Eastern Slopes of southwestern Alberta.  "Learning about the habitat and it's inhabitants can only lead to a compassion for these creatures we share this planet with.  Becoming involved with the protection of the landscape will follow. "

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