Thursday, June 1, 2017

Chinook 4-H Multiclub Achievement Day to be held June 10

Club Reporter Jillanna Hammond - The Chinook Multiclub, members have been really busy preparing for our Achievement Day. We have six projects this year (Mechanics, Pheasants, Shooting Sports, Photography, Sewing; Market Hog and Market Lamb) and each is finishing up and adding final touches in order to show off their projects on June 10th at Heritage Acres, just north-east of Pincher Creek on Secondary Highway 785. If you would like to join us that day please do!

We will be starting off at the Black Powder Gun Range, a little past Summerview Feedlot, at 1:00 for the Shooting Sports members to show us what they’ve learned this year. Then things will start up at Heritage Acres for a 2:00 start time of the Livestock Show – the Market Hogs and Market Lambs members will show their animals. After that, we will see the remaining projects give presentations on what they did this 4H year. Members will see what has been created in the Sewing project, images captured through the lens in the Photography project, things revving up in the Mechanics projects and the possibility that we may even see a Pheasant chick! As Club Reporter, I wish all my fellow members good luck on our Achievement Day!

You may have noticed that when I mentioned Achievement Day, I did not mention “sale”. The Multiclub is doing things differently this year. There is still a show, however our selling style has changed. For a new experience, we are selling our animals privately, with the exception of the Scholarship Pig. You can purchase the Market Hog Scholarship Pig – which benefits all club members – by auction – after our Achievement Day at the Heritage Acres Chuckwagon Cook-Off supper! If you cannot attend, but still want a chance to purchase the Chinook Multiclub Scholarship Market Hog, contact Mike Robbins (403-479-3700) for more information,

Once our Achievement Day comes to a close, our club will wrap up with an afternoon of fun, food and awards. You may see us in the community over the summer when we volunteer at Heritage Acres Annual Show, a local wedding, and the Corn Booth for the Pincher Creek Pro Rodeo Concession.

Happy summer to all!

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