Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Local organizations receive provincial grants

MLA Pat Stier (second from left) with Oldman River Antique Equipment and Threshing Club

Livingstone-Macleod MLA Pat Stier was in the Pincher Creek area earlier this month with Government of Alberta cheques in hand to pass on to local organizations, grants to be used in current projects. Pincher Spray Park Society received $125,000, as did Pincher Creek Curling Club. Oldman River Antique Equipment and Threshing Club/Heritage Acres received $10,000. The Alberta Whitewater Association also received $11,835.

MLA Stier with Pincher Spray Park Society ant Town of Pincher Creek representatives

MLA Stier with Pincher Creek Curling Club's Debbie Reed

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  1. The Wild Rose Party does a lot of whining (and rightly so) about the amount of money the NDP Government is borrowing and then throwing around. However, they have no issue trying to make political hay when the cheques are passed out. Once again, nice photos Pat.


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