Sunday, June 11, 2017

St. Michael's kindergarten students learn about hospitals

 Dr Parker demonstrates ultrasound machine with patient Kelsey Harbridge
Toni Lucas -  Mrs. Adamson's St Michael' Kindergarten students went on a tour of Pincher Creek Health Facility on Friday, May 26.  The kids got the chance to learn about what really goes on at the hospital, and what they could expect if they come to visit.

Austin in a finger cast
The kids got to find out about x-rays, physiotherapy, and then got to cycle between different stations where they got to find out in a hands on way about  vital statistics like heartbeats, blood pressure, and temperature.  In addition they all had a finger cast made, and got to see how an ultrasound machine works with Dr. Parker and volunteer Kelsey Harbridge, who is expecting a new baby later in the summer.

"It helps the children learn more about how the hospital works, who they will meet, and what to expect if they come for any reason," said Mrs. Adamson.

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