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2017 Timber Trails and Foothills Beef 4-H livestock show and sale

Toni Lucas - On Monday May 29, the Timber Trails and Foothills Beef 4-H Clubs hosted their 2017 beef and sheep Achievement Day at the Horseshoe Pavilion. This annual event serves as a way to highlight a year of work for both clubs.  The day began with an introduction of the two clubs, as well as the Cleaver Kids category for children aged 6-8. The Cattle Show and Lamb Show started giving all the members a chance to be in the ring showing their stock before judges who judging not only the quality of the stock raised, but the attitude of the presenters.  After the judging the kids and stock had the chance to relax and eat before the livestock sale.

Champion Heifer - Deloy Mackenzie
This is a bittersweet day for the 4H participants.  After a year of work, sometimes more in the case of breeding projects, their stock is purchased and sold.  What the kids learn in 4H is numerous and varied.  Community involvement, record keeping, public speaking, various side projects, and of course how to handle, raise, and care for their animals.

Reserve Champion Heifer - Coulson Stauffer

We are fortunate indeed to have four active clubs in the area, each with slightly different goals. Whether that be horses, shooting, mechanical repairs, beef, swine, or sheep.  What the clubs all have in common is the earnest belief in teaching young people the value of hard work, how to have fun, and fostering a stronger community.

District Breeding Projects
Champion Heifer - Deloy Mackenzie
Reserve Champion Heifer - Coulson Stauffer
Champion 2 Year old – Sarah Kirby
Reserve Champion 2 Year old – Ellie Stauffer
Champion 3 Year old – Ellie Stauffer
Breeder’s Herd – Ellie Stauffer
Supreme Champion Female – Ellie Stauffer
Reserve Champion Female – Sarah Kirby

District Open Showmanship
Grand Champion Showmanship – Deloy Mackenzie
Reserve Champion Showmanship – Ellie Stauffer

Market Steers
Foothills Jr
Champion Steer – Coulson Staffer
Reserve Champion Steer – Madeline Schoening
Timber Trails Jr
Champion Steer – Brady Rast
Reserve Champion Steer – Sarah Yagos
Foothills  Int
Champion Steer -  Justin Schoening
Reserve Champion Steer – Erica Mackenzie
Timber Trails Int
Champion Steer -  Gus Halibert
Reserve Champion Steer – Hailey Grove
Foothills Sr
Champion Steer -  Deloy Mackenzie
Reserve Champion Steer – Tom Welsch
Timber Trails Sr
Champion Steer – Addy Hailbert

Champion Showmanship Foothills
Showmanship Champion- Deloy Mackenzie
Showmanship Reserve Champion – Erica Mackenzie

Champion Showmanship Timber Trails 
Showmanship Champion-Hailey Grove
Showmanship Reserve Champion – Addy Halibert

Champion Foothills Steer
Champion Steer – Coulson Staufffer
Reserve Champion Steer- Deloy Mackenzie

Champion Timber Trails Steer
Champion Steer – Gus Halibert
Reserve Champion Steer- Brady Rast
District Grand Champion Steer -  Coulson Stauffer
District Reserve Grand Champion – Deloy Mackenzie
District Rate of Gain – Coulson Staufffer

District Carcass Award
Grand Champion – Alex Lemyre
Reserve Grand Champion – Nelz Vance

Market Lambs
Champion Lamb – Kassi Wells
Reserve Champion Lamb – Ellie Stauffer
Timber Trails
Champion Lamb – Addy Halibert
Reserve Champion Lamb – Mathias Lynch-Staunton

District Showmanship Lambs
District Grand Showmanship – Ellie Stauffer
District Reserve Showmanship – Morgan Dingreville

District Championship Lambs
District Grand Champion Lamb – Kassi Wellls
District Reserve Champion Lamb – Addy Halibert
District Rate of Gain – Gus Halibert

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