Saturday, July 22, 2017

Alberta conservatives decide to unite

Wildrose leader Brian Jean celebrates successful unity vote (Wildrose photo)
Chris Davis - The members of Alberta's two conservative parties agreed to unite into one party today, July 22, 2017.  An overwhelming 95.4% majority of members from the Wildrose and Progressive Conservative parties voted in favour of the proposition to unite as the United Conservative Party.

According to statistics provided by the Wildrose Party, 24,598 votes were cast, representing a 57.7 per cent turnout, with 23, 466 voting in favour of the proposition and 1132 against it. Wildrose leader was pleased with the result “I said from the very beginning that members needed to make this decision for our party, and today, they said yes! Yes, to a brighter future, yes to building on all that we’ve accomplished as Wildrose and yes to saving Albertans from the NDP."

A vote to determine leadership of the new United Conservative Party is scheduled for October 28.  Brian Jean and Jason Kenney have announced their intentions to vie for the leadership.  Wildrose MLA Derek Fildebrandt may also throw his hat into the ring.

“The time to build a new conservative legacy for Alberta has begun. - Brian Jean
To those who voted "YES:" thank-you for putting Alberta first. You have given hope back to Albertans. You have made history. To those who voted "no:" we need & want you in the United Party! If you have concerns, please express them through your active involvement. - Jason Kenney
In response to the successful unity vote, Livingstone- Macleod MLA Pat Stier (Wildrose) said the following:

"Today, I was very pleased to see such a large turnout in Red Deer for the Special General Meeting of the Wildrose Party that was called to seek the approval of the members, on the special resolution to proceed with the process of merging the Wildrose and PC parties.

As one of the original team members that negotiated the initial agreement in the spring, I was extremely happy to see the results of the vote today, that showed our WR and PC members voted overwhelmingly in favor of the resolution to proceed, both at a very high level of support of 95%.

On Monday, I will be participating in the first meeting with the new combined Caucus in Edmonton and am looking very forward to working with everyone as we plan our new organization there and begin to strategize for the fall session and beyond.

In addition, I am excited for all of our members, who will now have a unique grassroots opportunity to fully participate in the formulation of our new policy and constitution process, which will get underway very shortly.

This is a truly a wonderful and historical day for the conservative movement in Alberta."

Pat Stier in the Alberta Legislature, June 2, 2017

Jean and Kenney Unity announcement May 18, 2017

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