Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Busy Monday for first responders

Toni Lucas - Pincher Creek Emergency Services (PCES) attended three separate fires around the Pincher Creek area on Monday, June 10. All three happened in rural ares, two may have started due to lightening strikes, while one fire came about because a bailer caught fire. Deputy Fire Chief Pat Neumann said there were no injuries at any of the fires.

There is a burn restriction in effect. No new burn permits are being issued in the Town or the MD of Pincher Creek. Permits are still being issued for in-town fire pits, and the forestry is only allowed in approved engineered fire pits, usually found in campgrounds.

"Just follow the regulations, and if you have questions, give us a call, or look online," said Neumann.  It's all there."

The first fire was the site of a baler equipment fire. Pincher Creek and Lundbreck Fire Hall responded at approximately 9:00 am approximately 3 miles north on Oldman River Dam on RR 30-0. The land owner made a fire break around the burning equipment with a machine, which helped keep the area contained. Pincher Creek Station responded.

At 2:15 pm south of Lundbreck, about a mile west of the landfill five or six round bales were consumed. This may have been caused by a lightning strike, as there was no one working in the field at the time. Pincher Station and Lundbreck Fire responded to the scene. "There were some fence posts damaged," said Neumann.

The third call for a fire came in once the crews were on scene at the second fire. This one occurred again on RR 30-0 but involved a different landowner. "This involved five or six bales, and a large area of grassland," said Neumann.  Pincher Station and Beaver Mines responded.

In both of the afternoon incidents, a relatively large area of freshly baled grassland was affected, moving from one bale to the next through the stubble. Neumann explained that the bales were not next to each other. "They were scattered around the fields, in both situations."

No equipment was lost in the second two fires.

Deputy Chief Neumann suggested if you are running a motorized vehicle you should carry a water-based extinguisher for added safety.

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