Wednesday, July 19, 2017

New Go-Ju Ryu Karate Black Belts in Pincher Creek

Left to Right: Peter Dressler, Sensei (Chief Instructor Pincher Creek AB), Vic Hargitt, Sensei (Chief Instructor Blind Bay BC, Head of Shorei-Kan Canada), Adam Schoening, Sensei (Just awarded Shodan Black Belt), Justin Schoening, Sensei (Just awarded Shodan Black Belt), Jack Matches, Sensei (Instructor at Blind Bay BC) - Shannon Schoening photos

Peter Dressler - Shorei-Kan awarded two students Black Belts on July 6th in Pincher Creek, in the Okinawan art of Go-Ju Ryu Karate. Adam and Justin Schoening became the fifth and sixth students to obtain this level since the Pincher Creek dojo was founded in 2006. Vic Hargitt, Sensei and Jack Matches, Sensei travelled from Blind Bay, BC and Kamloops, BC to join Peter Dressler, Sensei in creating a panel for testing. Testing took about two hours.

The Pincher Creek Shorei-Kan Karate Association is a not-for-profit organization. It is open to those seven years and up. They welcome in whole families whenever possible. Fees are kept low at $50 per three-month term to cover Insurance and other incidentals. For more information on classes, contact Peter Dressler, Sensei at 403-627-4214 or email Information on the style can be found at Summer Classes are Wednesday evenings 7:00pm-8:45pm at the town Gym. Regular classes are Monday/Wednesday evenings 7:15pm-8:30pm at Canyon School. Two outdoor (all-age) practices are also scheduled behind the Pincher Creek Library from 11am-12pm on Friday, July 28 and Friday, August 25. All are welcome to try out a practice.

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