Sunday, July 9, 2017

Out and About

Jason Paul Sailer photo
^ Peek a boo! - A mule deer playing hide and seek in the canola near Perfect Posies greenhouse just south of the road in Pincher Creek by photographer Jason Paul Sailer on June 22.

Floyd Provost photo
^ Bear in Brocket townsite last May, Floyd Provost photo

At the Lebel Rose Garden in Pincher Creek - T. Lucas photo

Deborah Berg demonstrates working antique bellows organ at Heritage Acres.  Don't touch, the rest of you lot.
Dignitaries at Aboriginal Day

^ Darleen demonstrates how the new fluorescent tube recycler works at the Crowsnest Pass/Pincher Creek Landfill's new recycling facility.  The machine is clamped to a barrel for the glass recyclables and harmful elements are contained and disposed of separately.  Stay tuned for a bigger story on the facility itself.
What's going on here?  Stay tuned.
Band at Matthew Halton High School takes it outside near the end of the school year.
^ This man, Bob Westrop, with the constant aid of his wife Audrey, is always doing whatever it takes to help make something happen around here.  He frequently MCs big events in the community.  He was recently the MC at Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village's annual Canada Day Bash, pictured above (story soon).  If you're just visiting, this is one of the guys who will do his best to point you in the right direction.

^ Speaking of Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village, did you know they have a new Hudson's Bay exhibit?

Deer near Cowley, spring 2017 - C. Davis photo
Former school near Claresholm

Village of Cowley Public Works Foreman  Clay Davis preps the village for Canada Day extravaganza.  Story soon.
Reflection in a Lethbridge pond - C. Davis
Frodo's nightmare - C. Davis
Sauron, eye on tree - C. Davis
Life on Mars - C. Davis
Blue horizons - C. Davis
It's road repair season.
Canada Flag at Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village, late winter 2017
Pincher Creek and area Historian Farley S. Wuth at Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village, a recent .  He knows a lot of stuff.  He's also a very nice man who specializes in foiling my attempts to photograph him as such.  - C. Davis

At a Piikani Youth Rodeo event - T. Lucas
Frosty evening May 2017, Pincher Creek - C. Davis
Highway near Cowley, spring 2017 - C. Davis
Cowley cleanup after early 2017 blizzrd - enjoy summer while it's here folks! - C. Davis

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