Saturday, July 29, 2017

Pincher Creek's Yards of the Month for June and July 2017

July Yard of the Month presentation to Audrey Toews
Rhonda Oczkowski of Parks and Recreation, Director of Community Services  Diane Burt Stuckey, Audrey Toews

June Yard of the Month presentation to Bobbie Wendland 
Director of Community Services  Diane Burt Stuckey, Communities in Bloom member and judge BJ Scott, Bobbie Wendland, nominator Sandie Ursel, Rhonda Oczkowski of Parks and Recreation.  (submitted photo)

Chris Davis - The Town of Pincher Creek and Pincher Creek's Communities in Bloom Committee are sponsoring a yard of the month award this summer to encourage local gardeners who do so much to make the town a pretty place. Citizens are invited to nominate a front or back yard for A Blooming Contest, and Communities in Bloom judges make the final decisions. Bobbie Wendland of 996 Hill Ave was selected as the June winner. Audrey Toews at 997 Lawrence Street was the winner for July. The competition is running for one more month this year. with nominations to be accepted during the first two weeks of August.

Toews' yard is very visible from Waterton Avenue, and is therefore a wonderful advertisement for the community of Pincher Creek to the many travellers passing through to and from Waterton.  It was one of the properties heavily damaged in the flood of 1995, after which the property was raised and a new home was built.  However, a crab apple tree remains from before the flood as one of the yard's signature features.  Diane Burt-Stuckey tells me she remembers the tree from her childhood in Pincher, and said the property was always well kept and loved.  It used to belong to Alice Zieffle. a longtime resident who passed away in 1998.

Audrey Toews' yard
Anyone can nominate a front or back yard during the first 2 weeks of the months of August in person at the Recreation Office (adjacent to the pool), by phone at 403-627-4322, or online at

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