Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Recycling Roundup 2017 helps clean up

 Part of the Re-Use Fair team: Nic Jordan,  Marie Everts, Catherine DeCock, Jamie Anderson, Melissa Graham, Eric Van Ee
Toni Lucas - The Town of Pincher Creek, the Municipal District of Pincher Creek, and Alberta Recycling worked together to host the 2017 Recycling Round-up on Saturday June 17 at the Ranchland Mall  parking lot. A number of organizations also participated. The Pincher Creek Lions Club collected eyeglasses, DBS Environmental collected hazardous waste like electronics, batteries and paints, and a paper shredder truck from Lethbridge Mobile Shredding was on hand for safe disposal of sensitive household documents. A big attraction for the day was the recycle swap.  "It was a really busy morning," she explained staff and volunteers were on hand to help people load and and unload vehicles.  "Trucks were lined up, we couldn't get them emptied out fast enough people, were claiming things as fast as they came in."

Town and MD workers laid out an area for the swap and brought items out early in the morning and people then could take what they had a use for, while others brought items they no longer needed or wanted for others to take home for free or with a donation of their choosing. This recycling initiative keeps still useful items out of the landfill. This year there were items ranging from DVD's and VHS tapes, bicycles, household appliances, lawn mowers, furniture, building supplies, tools, and anything else that someone might say 'I don't need this, but someone else might'. If it was not taken away by the end of the day it went to the appropriate disposal stream, whether that was electronics, recycling, or to the landfill.

E-Waste (tonnage transferred) This year 5.459    2016 4.090    2015 4.961
Paint (aerosols)  This year 295 cans    2016 77 cans    2015 100 cans
Paint related material This year 1641    2016 L3000 L    2015 3600 L

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