Monday, July 31, 2017

Town of Pincher Creek council voices landfill incinerator concerns

Toni Lucas - The Town of Pincher Creek sent a statement of concern to the Alberta Environment  and  Parks Regulatory Approvals Center dated July 18 regarding an application for the Crowsnest/Pincher Creek Landfill Association to operate an incinerator.

Many concerns were stated in the letter.  The proposed landfill incinerator site is 17 kilometers west of Pincher Creek.  "The Town is downwind and downriver from the landfill facility, as are the Town's water sources, the Castle River and the Pincher Creek." Other concerns stated in the letter included air and water quality, odors, and the possibility of soil contamination.  The letter states there are other options for the disposal of animal carcasses, and recycling opportunities for baler twine and silage bags. Due to the regional nature of the landfill partnership, the landfill's board has representatives from the communities of Town of Pincher Creek, the Municipal District of Pincher Creek, Crowsnest Pass, and the Village of Cowley. "The Town is a partner in the Crowsnest Pincher Creek Landfill  Association,  the board however  has a weighted voting system with one community  having three votes, and the others having one vote each. In  this  instance with  two partners for and two against, the project may still move ahead."

"The Town of Pincher  Creek Council strongly requests that an independent Environmental Impact  assessment and a Public Hearing Process be conducted prior to any approval being considered.  In addition, the Town recommends that a baseline test for both soil and water content be conducted, to enable future monitoring."

Copies of this letter was addressed to Alberta Environment and Parks Minister Shannon Phillips  and South Saskatchewan Region Industrial Approvals Engineer at Alberta Environment and Parks Ping Zhao.

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