Wednesday, August 30, 2017

2017 Business in Bloom Award winners announced

2017 Pincher Creek Business In Bloom First Place - Stardust Motel/Sweets and Treats
Rhonda Oczkowski (Town of Pincher Creek/CIB), Dia Comeau (Stardust Motel/Sweets and Treats), Marie Everts (Town of Pincher Creek)

Chris Davis - The Town of Pincher Creek and Pincher Creek Communities in Bloom announced the winners of the annual Business in Bloom contest on August 22.  Community members submitted their recommendations for the best-gardened business locations in Pincher Creek, and judges made the final determinations.  Stardust Motel Sweets and Treats was awarded first place Golden Shovel trophy, Boese and Company was awarded second place, and several other businesses received an hounourable mention.  First and second place also received a Golden Shovel trophy.

2017 Pincher Creek Business In Bloom Second Place - Boese and Company
Rhonda Oczkowski (Town of Pincher Creek/CIB), Chelsey Olsen (Boese and Company), Marie Everts (Town of Pincher Creek)

First place: Stardust Motel/Sweets and Treats

Second place: Boese and Company

Honorable Mentions:

Ascent Dental
Mrs. P's Coffee Corner
C and D Floral
PCES Fire Hall
Pincher Creek Veterinary Clinic
Dexter Oilfield
Ramada Inn

Pincher Creek Veterinary CLinic - Honourable Mention

Pincher Creek Emergency Services - Honourable Mention

Dexter Oilfield Ltd. - Honourable Mention

Ascent Dental - Honourable Mention

C&D Floral - Honourable Mention

Mrs. P's - Honourable Mention

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