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2017 Pincher Creek Pro Rodeo

Chris Davis - The Canadian Professional Rodeo Association (CPRA) came to town August 17-20 for the annual Pincher Creek Rodeo.  The event was very well attended, possibly setting a record, and the weather co-operated throughout as contestants vied for a spot in the Canadian Finals Rodeo, to be held  November 8-12.

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Pincher Creek cowgirls with sponsor flags

One change to the event may have been less obvious to many of the attendees but was appreciated by those most affected - there was a significant increase in handicap parking spots near the main entrance, in response to concerns voiced at last year's rodeo.

Town of Pincher Creek Councillor Wayne Elliott was the target of a series of whipped cream pies to the face. (*this one administered by Billi Rigaux) as part of a fundraiser for Children's World Daycare, who had a tent on the rodeo grounds. According to Wayne, members of his own family were proving to be lucrative contributors to the fundraiser.

In addition to the regular rodeo events (Gymkhana Bronc Riding, Barrel Racing, Bull Riding, Team Roping, etc.) the crowds were treated to the return of the popular Wild Ride event, which saw cowboys in costume riding Saddle Bronc. Apparently horses aren't fond of gorillas... see the video for details.  Santa won the event this year. The Mutton Busting event was very well attended, with 25 cowgirls and cowboys participating, and the bike scramble is always a popular event with kids and the crowd. A mounted shooting demonstration was the featured entertainment in the arena this year, and up and coming Canadian country music artist Drew Gregory entertained the crowd at the Horseshoe Pavilion cabaret on Saturday evening.

McMan Youth, Family and Community Services Association volunteers handled the concession chores in support of the local food bank, which McMan administers.

^ In honour of Canada's 150th Birthday, kids from the crowd were invited to lead the singing of O Canada at the event.

Pincher Creek area cowboys and cowgirls in the official standings:
(From Rodeo Canada's updated unofficial standings posted August 17, 2017)
  • Bobby Peters - 13, Bareback
  • Dustin Flundra - 32, Saddle Bronc
  • Nina Smith - 33, Ladies Barrel Racing
  • Randy Smith - 41, Tie Down Roping
  • Lana Sproule - 67, Ladies Barrel Racing

Pincher Creek Pro Rodeo Unofficial Results

Bareback riding: 1. Orin Larsen, 84.5 points on Outlaw Buckers’ W169 OLS Tubs Zip Tie, $1084.95; 2. (tie) Caleb Bennett and Cole Goodine, 82, $804.36; 4. Jake Vold, 81.5, $523.77; 5. Luke Creasy, 81, $336.71; 6. Kyle Bowers, 80, $187.06

Steer wrestling: 1. Brock Butterfield, 3.6, $1599.88; 2. Hunter Cure, 4.1, $1391.20; 3. Dallas Frank, 4.2, $1182.52; 4. (tie) Morgan Grant and Ben Ramey, 4.3, $869.50 each; 6. Baillie Milan, 4.4, $556.40; 7. (tie) Curtis Cassidy, Justin Miller and Matt Richardson, 4.5, $162.30 each

Saddle bronc riding: 1. Layton Green, 86 points on Outlaw Buckers’ OLS Tubs Magic Carpet, $1256.69; 2. (tie) Preston Burr, Jim Berry and Zeke Thurston, 84, $823.35 each; 5. Lane Watt, 82.5, $390.01; 6. Dusty Hausauer, 81, $216.67

Team roping: 1. Dawson Graham/Dillon Graham, 3.7 seconds, $1253.96 each; 2. Kasper Roy/Trey Gallais, 4.3, $1037.76; 3. Dustin Bird/Russell Cardoza, 4.4, $821.56; 4. Kolton Schmidt/Justin Davis, 4.5, $605.36; 5. Brady Tryan/Lane Mitchell, 4.7, $389.16; 6. Justin McCarroll/Brett McCarroll, 5.6, $216.20

Tie-down roping: 1. Blane Cox, 7.0 seconds, $1621.50; 2. Tyson Durfey, 7.7, $1410; 3. (tie) Kyle Lucas, Kirk Robinson and Matt Shiozawa, 8.2 seconds, $987 each; 6. (tie) Mace Perozak and Logan Bird, 8.8, $458.25 each; 8. Alwin Bouchard, 9.1, $141

Ladies barrel racing: 1. Diane Skocdopole, 15.504 seconds, $1510.11; 2. Steffanie Mather-Moore, 15.549, $1294.38; 3. Sarah Gerard, 15.554, $1078.65; 4. Lisa Trach, 15.633, $934.83; 5. Kendra Edey, 15.634, $719.10; 6. Jenna O’Reilly, 15.636, $575.28; 7. Brett Wills, 15.642, $431.46; 8. Jackie Ganter, 15.706, $287.64; 9. Nikki Vanderlee, 15.744, $215.734; 10. Rusty Rae Quam, 15.788, $143.82

Bull riding: 1. Garrett Smith, 87 points on Outlaw Buckers’ 107 Shakin Hands, $1333.01; 2. Brock Radford, 84, $1103.18; 3. Fabien Dueck, 81, $873.35
Ground money: $429.01 each

Novice bareback riding: 1. Mason Helmeczi, 69 points, $450.08; 2. Bailey Plaisier, 68, $337.56; 3. Jake Plotts, 66, $225.04
Ground money: $37.50 each

Novice saddle bronc riding: 1. Dawson Hay, 74.5 points, $465.60; 2. Chase Zweifel, 66, $349.20
Ground money: $174.60

Steer riding: 1. Dexter Patton, 79 points, $504.40; 2. Luke Ferber, 77, $378.30; 3. Dylan Conners, 76.5, $252.20; 4. (tie) Riley Sibbett and Dixon Tattrie, 74, $63.05 each

Contract Personnel: 
Stock contractor: Outlaw Buckers’ Rodeo; Secretary: Catherine Laycraft; Announcers: Dave Poulsen, Dustin Edwards; Timers: Betty Algate, Robert Jopp; Pick-up men: Jeff Resch, Wade Grover; Bull fighters: Brett Monea, Scott Waye

A season of surprises for Big Valley barrel racer Diane Skocdopole

Canadian Professional Rodeo Association press release

For barrel racer, Diane Skocdopole, the 2017 pro rodeo season has been an “out of body experience.”

Skocdopole wanted to get an early start to the year and with CPRA rodeos getting going sooner than semi-pro events, decided to kick off her season at Camrose. The result- a win for her and her eight year old mare “Sonic” (JG Hectors Pizzazz) - was “a complete surprise and meant I had to make some decisions,” related the Big Valley cowgirl.

The decision was to “buy her card and see where it goes and let the mare pick what would happen."

“She’s been better indoors up to now,” Skocdopole acknowledged, which led to another surprise… three of her four CPRA wins have been outdoors: Innisfail, La Crete, and this weekend’s Pincher Creek Pro Rodeo. The other major factor in her success was a second place finish at Edmonton’s cash-rich K-Days Rodeo in July.

The first place finish at Pincher Creek, coupled with a second place cheque at Jasper meant a $2690 weekend, pushing the first year pro’s season earnings total to over $18,500, making her all but a lock to get to her first CFR. The productive weekend also took Skocdopole to the lead in the season rookie standings as she went by teenage sensation Taylor Manning, who was blanked for one of the few times this year.

“Sonic was really strong going in and I had to check her and kind of help her find first,” Skocdopole said of her Pincher Creek run. “I don’t usually have to do that. Usually I just get her started and hang on and let her do her thing.”

Skocdopole and the Frenchman’s guy granddaughter, with cow bloodlines on the mare side, went to some futurities when Sonic was a five year-old, then qualified for the FCA Finals together a year later. A little more seasoning in the mare’s seven year-old year set the stage for the duo’s outstanding 2017 campaign.

“I got her as a two year-old and did the training on her; she’s kind of a do-everything horse,” Skocdopole added. “and a fun fact, (husband) Dale placed on her in the team roping when she was six.” Dale needed a heading horse for Medicine Hat and Bonnyville. He took Sonic and won a fifth place cheque at Medicine Hat, making the mare a two event money earner in pro rodeo.

Speaking of Dale, he and brother Wayne saw their 3.7 second time (the second fastest in CPRA team roping history), equaled on the weekend. A couple more teenage talents, the Wainwright, Alberta-based Graham brothers posted the amazing time en route to the win and $1254 each. Dawson (just graduated from high school) and Dillon (going into grade eleven) were the second last team in Sunday’s final performance and had the full grandstand clapping and cheering as their blistering 3.7 was announced.

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