Monday, August 28, 2017

August 2017 CIB Yard of the Month winners Karen and Lyle Regehr

 Karen and Lyle Regehr in their award winning garden
 Toni Lucas - The Town of Pincher Creek and Pincher Creek's Communities in Bloom Committee presented the August Yard of the Month award to Karen and Lyle Regehr of 1102 Huckleberry Court.  The competition is meant to encourage local gardeners. Karen explained the gardens scattered throughout the property are an ongoing project. There were lovely places to sit and reflect, to enjoy the changes of the season.  The garden was planned with consideration to shade and windbreaks, and includes a vegetable garden and a greenhouse. The couple's passion and pride in their garden was evident, as they showed off many hidden treasures with delight. Karen named many of their plants and explained why she chose to plant them in specific places. She also made many of the bent willow chairs decorating the gardens, and the grounds are well kept, neat, and have a nice traffic flow.

Lyle said bugs had recently infested willow trees they had been growing. Although he did not remember the species of bug he said the cure was to cut the trees down at the ground, and destroy the infected wood lest it infect all other trees in the area.  So after years of nurturing, the trees were quickly destroyed.   "We were lucky, and caught it early enough nothing else was infected. They (the bugs) act like a mole and burrow, killing the trees." Resilience in the face of adversity is part of what it takes to be a gardener year after year. The Regehr's have been gardening at this property for 15 years.

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  1. Congratulations Karen and Lyle. You really put a lot of work into those beautiful grounds. It must come from both sides of the family 😊


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