Monday, August 28, 2017

CIB Summer Favorite Yard award winner Rocky Blakeman

Rocky Blakeman and his award winning yard

Toni Lucas - This year the Town of Pincher Creek and Pincher Creek Communities in Bloom added a Judges Summer Favorite Yard category to their summer monthly Blooming Contest. Each month, the judges received nominations for a yard owned by Rocky Blakemen at 933 MacLeod Street, earning him the Summer Favourite award.  Blakeman has his personality displayed everywhere around the property.

Each yard has displayed the tastes of the individuals who tend it.  They are not just about the flowers, and shrubbery but about creating attractive, and workable areas from the ground up.

Blakeman has a flagpole displaying the flag of New Brunswick in honour of his mother, and his own roots.  A bird bath and bird houses invite arial visitors.  a fully functional wood stove and fire place were made by Rocky and rest in the back yard.  He said he often cooks his breakfasts outside on the grill.

Coming up, he has cleared about a third of his back yard to create a petting zoo which will house chickens, rabbits, and pigeons.  He would like to see kids growing up in his area learn more about animals.  "So many kids in town here have never seen a chicken, until it lands on their plate."  The plan is to have all the animals caged behind chicken wire.  Rocky will be able to open a part of what is currently a gate to let the children have access to the "zoo" area.

Everywhere you look both inside and outside the house has detail to enjoy that flows from one area to another, creating interest on multiple levels.  Inside, a chromed Famous wood stove seems to have curved glass, but it is actually glassed with sheets of mica stone which he has to hand cut whenever one breaks. From the moment you sign the guestbook on entering until you leave you are enveloped in one man's attention to detail and form.  Blakeman said he has been developing his yard for 15 years.

Just because summer is wrapping up does not mean Pincher Creek Communities in Bloom is stopping their work. On Thursday September 14 they invite volunteers to gather in the  parking lot of the pool at 5:00 pm to be part of the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, focusing on Pincher Creek.

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