Friday, August 18, 2017

Crowsnest Pass Fire/Rescue report to August 18, 2017

Crowsnest Pass Fire/Rescue - As you are no doubt aware, we have been experiencing a very warm and very dry summer. There are fires burning all throughout B.C. and the smoky haze in the air is a constant reminder of the danger.  While there have been a few who did not get the message, our community should be commended for staying informed and respecting the various fire bans and OHV restrictions. Though we have had a few nights of rain, it is not the time to get complacent.

We are still under a fire ban in this area and there is still an OHV restriction in effect. If you see a fire in the municipal area, call 911 to report it, and if you're in the backcountry, call 310-FIRE.

If you are thinking about heading out this weekend it is still a good idea to take a few minutes to think about safety. You probably have a fire escape plan for your home, but do you have one for your RV? Make sure you have two escape routes and your family is familiar with what to do in case of a fire. Test all your windows, hatches and doors to make sure they work properly.

If you do have a fire in your RV, call the fire department and get everyone out before you attempt to fight it. Once you are out and everyone is safe, do not go back in to grab anything.
Make sure all your RV's smoke alarms are functioning properly. Make sure you have one carbon monoxide alarm installed in the sleeping area. There are specially made RV carbon monoxide alarms that run off batteries. Regular plug-in residential alarms will not function properly at all times in an RV. You can also purchase carbon monoxide/propane combination alarms.

Whatever you are planning for the remainder of your summer, take the time to make sure you do it safely and have an emergency plan in place.

Crowsnest Pass Fire Rescue responded to 19 calls for the month of July with a total of 90 for the year.
  • 3-Alarm Bells
  • 5 MVC
  • 3 Fires
  • 7 Public/Medical Assist
  • 1 Back Country Rescue.

Don’t forget fire extinguishers need to be checked monthly and serviced by a Technician yearly. Crowsnest Pass Fire Rescue is proud to offer this service. We have three certified technicians on hand. Call us at 403-562-8600 or stop by the Blairmore Fire Hall at 2141 127 - Street for all your fire extinguisher needs.

The Crowsnest Pass Fire Rescue Department is currently recruiting for paid on call Firefighters. If you are interested, call 403-562-8600 or stop by the Blairmore fire hall at 2141 127 - Street for more information or to get an application.

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