Thursday, August 31, 2017

Good turnout for SGB Fitbodies grand opening


Brooklyn celebrates SGB Grand Opening

Toni Lucas  - SGB Fitbodies held a grand opening celebration and open house on Wednesday, August 23 at 1348 McEachern Street. This gave an opportunity for people who were curious a chance to check out the facilities, try different courses, enter for prizes, or just have a smoothie while checking out the nutritional supplements. I decided to try a class and see how it worked for me. I tried the I.C.E modifiable cardio workout, with Ali Thibert instructing.

What I found was a neat and clean facility, and both the staff and those working out were welcoming, happy, and encouraging. There was a safe area for children to play away from the fast paced workout, but they could still see their parents, and join in. I found the workout was challenging, even though I chose to use some of the less challenging equipment. Owner Sheryl Baker was very pleased with the way the day went. "There was a great turnout, and a lot of new people."
Chloe and Brooklyn - kids also welcomed at SGB

Staff at the smoothie bar

Baker said the goal of the facility is to guide offer instruction and be supportive. "I want people to achieve their goals, safely and realistically." She said, off of the mats. she has various programs for the people at any stage of fitness development. The staff recognizes everyone has different bodies, metabolisms and schedules. The facility and staff try to help people define their fitness goals and achieve them. Baker said everyone benefits from a regular fitness routine, whether already fit or not, with full mobility or not. People can use the facilities for self directed workouts as well.

Some of the upcoming programs include Mobility and Flexibility, Movement Improvement, I.C.E modifiable cardio, FIRE strength/resistance program, Metabolic Precision which is a 12 week nutrition program, and Turbo Kick. You can talk to staff onsite about the fall classes and programs.

"It's all about being the best and healthiest you that you can be," said Baker.

Instructor Ali Thibert 

Sheryl Baker 

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