Thursday, August 17, 2017

Grass fire near Oldman Dam


Toni Lucas - Pincher Creek Emergency Services (PCES) responded yesterday evening to a grass fire just west of Highway 785 near Township Road 72, south of the Oldman River Dam, in the MD of Pincher Creek north of the Town of Pincher Creek.

Accroding to PCES Chief Dave Cox the call came in 5:05 pm. "It burned up to the edge of the 785 pavement, but it didn't get across the road, probably due to the fact that the grass in the 785 right of way is still green enough it didn't act as fuel, to let it get across the road. It burned approximately 40 acres, give or take, we have not calculated the size yet."

Responding were Pincher Creek Fire and Emergency Services including Pincher Creek, Lundbreck Fire and Beaver Mines Fire, Peigan Fire, and Cowley Fire. Also assisting were MD of Pincher Creek water trucks along with individual businesses, local contractors, and local farming citizens helping with water trucks and other equipment.

There were no injuries, and no buildings or equipment were consumed by the fire. Chief Cox estimates between 40 to 50 bales were consumed on the ground. Primarily this affected one person's property and a ditch.

Chief Cox said the risk of fires is still quite high in the region. "As posted in the fire ban notice, everything is extremely dry, and you can get a fire start from pretty much any kind of normal operation, so you have to be careful."

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