Sunday, August 13, 2017

Greatest Compliment

Joyce Sasse
The sign on the plumber’s truck read “A Laugh Is as Good as A Flush”. We all need a good laugh as we survive this summer!

He couldn’t leave camp feeling that angry! Ten-year-old Mickey was at the bottom of every prank, but I had a feeling something troubled him.

Camp leaders reported he was particularly hard to manage during the morning swim. A trouble-maker? Or was it fear?

On the last morning the whole camp gathered to play in the water.

Mickey fell into deep conversation with his new best friend. Finally the two of them selected life preservers and ask permission to take a canoe. They got the canoe to the water’s edge, got in and started to move along the edge of the swimming area. That’s when my best leader, for reasons unknown, rocked the canoe and flipped it. The two boys were furious. Mickey in particular was so angry I thought he was going to explode.

I left the errant leader try to do damage control – to no avail! Slowly I walked over, as if I hadn’t seen a thing, and wondered if Mickey might take me for a paddle. I explained that I couldn’t swim and was afraid of the water, but I wanted one boat ride before I left camp.

“I noticed when you were in the boat with Jimmy you sat in the rear. You must know something about paddling.”

He was startled enough to agree to take me “just a little way”. What a sight! My front end of the canoe rode so low he could hardly reach the water with his paddle, but he worked hard.

Soon the dinner bell called us back to shore. When we beached the canoe, I told him to head for dining room. As I came in to eat a few minutes later, a raspy voice from the other end of the table proclaimed “I think fat people are wonderful!”

Obviously Mickey had recovered. And I went home feeling as if this was my greatest compliment!

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