Thursday, August 31, 2017

Habitat for Humanity project planned for Pincher Creek

Toni Lucas - At their regular meeting of July 24 council for the Town of Pincher Creek unanimously voted to approve a memorandum of understanding with Habitat for Humanity and the local Pincher Creek Elks Lodge #474. The Elks are acting as the point organization for the project which has garnered a lot of interest. Mayor Don Anderberg said, "Virtually every service club in town is going to come on board to help raise funds and work toward a habitat build in Pincher Creek."

Habitat representatives  have had a meeting with representatives from the Elks Club, Royal Canadian Legion, Pincher Creek Lions Club, Pincher Cowley Roaring Lions, Rotary Club of Pincher Creek, and Angels Within Us. That collection of organizations has agreed to accept the fundraising challenge to meet the Habitat community funding criteria of $120,000.00 with the understanding that $80,000 will be in cash and $40,000 gift in kind. Council had agreed in camera to provide Lots 52 and 53, Plan 56905 for the project. The Town's interest is to be registered on title, until the building is complete.

From the Habitat for Humanity website: "Habitat builds houses with, not for, the families who will purchase them. Selected families pay for their homes with no-interest, long-term mortgages. Mortgage payments go into a "Fund for Humanity" and are used to build future Habitat homes."

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