Monday, August 7, 2017

Off-leash areas proposed for Pincher Creek

Proposed pet off-leash area (in green) at Ag Grounds (Town of Pincher Creek graphic)

Toni Lucas - Council for the Town of Pincher Creek discussed two areas to be designated as pet off-leash areas at their regular meeting on Monday, July 24. One area, to be a fenced dog park, is located directly east of Juan Teran Park. the second area proposed is a pet off-leash area at the Agriculture Grounds southwest of the footbridge. There is no plan at this point to fence the proposed Agricultural Grounds off-leash area.
Council for the Town of Pincher Creek voted to direct administration to proceed with a development application to the M.D. of Pincher Creek No.9 for the purpose of installing a dog park at the undeveloped land directly east of Juan Teran Park and Kettles Creek (which is within the MD), and to proceed a Town of Pincher Creek development application for the development of a pet off-leash area at the Agriculture Grounds southwest of the footbridge.

Proposed off-leash areas east of Juan Teran Park in green - Town of Pincher Creek image

Councillor Thornton asked for clarification that the dog park area be identified as JJT Option 2 in the diagrams. He also suggested a smaller calming area at the entrance of the park, also to be fenced. This park is to be fenced, with dog park facilities such as parking, garbage receptacles, and benches.

Council has previously approved $30,000 in the 2017 capital budget for a dog park for fencing, parking lot, signage and benches. In addition there is a 2017 budget for park furniture which could include the pet waste stations: The initial capital costs associated with the development of a Dog Park is expected to be within the allocated budget.

The current bylaw for dogs says dogs must be leashed within the corporate limits of the town. If the two sites are developed, the bylaw will have to be adjusted to reflect that dogs can legally be unleashed in the designated areas.

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