Sunday, August 27, 2017

Spiritual authority shifts this reality

Cain kills Abel (Gustave Dore - Wikimedia Commons/public domain)

Shellie Byers - Yesterday a video was circulating of the forced removal of a cross from the steeple of a 60 year old church on a University Campus. As I drove through Brocket a red dress was hanging from a skeletal, dead tree on the highway to remind us of the missing and murdered indigenous women whose blood and tears cry up from the ground. Just as Abel's blood cried for vindication from the earth to God. Our world is changing and evolving in ways that can plant fear in our hearts. We try to comfort ourselves into believing one person can not change the world. We go to our prayer closets and beg God to intercede on our behalf or we become so complacent that we emotionally separate ourselves from the reality we are living . Do you know what has happened? Most of us are never told who we are in Christ and we do not understand our identity.
Let me unravel the layers of Christianity and share the core truth of Kingdom authority and power. The word of God says Jesus shed his blood for every person on this planet to offer us eternal salvation. By grace we are saved , but saved for what? Our eternal reward is glorious and filled with expectation, however, you may not see it for 10, 20 , 30 perhaps 50 or 60 years. Every aspect of our lives was divinely predetermined before we entered our mother's womb. God has equipped us as sons and daughters in His kingdom and made us joint heirs with Jesus Christ. As heirs we inherit a kingdom and all the authority of a King's command. Jesus told us all to pray "thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven". The living word of God says anything you bind on earth is bound in heaven and anything you loose on earth is loosed in heaven. Each one of us is royalty in the eyes of the Father with access to the Lord of Hosts. Therefore we have access to God through Jesus and the Holy Spirit, to the declarations of heaven in the Scriptures , all the angel armies , and all of creation .

We do not have to beg or plead or ignore the travesty in this world. We have the double edged sword of the word of God and we can take back the physical ground Satan has sequestered .
As a member of a royal household and also as a royal priesthood I decree that every principality ruling over religion, government, education, business, arts, entertainment, media and family has now lost its legal right to occupy any facet of God's kingdom on earth. I bind principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, and spiritual wickedness in high places and not only do I stand my ground but I take back that ground in Jesus name. AMEN.

Make declarations in spiritual warfare and watch God bring heaven to the earth. God promises our prayers do not return to us void . God's word says Jesus returns as a king for a kingdom on earth and we are his siblings. When the disciples were beaten, jailed , ridiculed and even being killed they prayed for more BOLDNESS because they understood the authority of who they were. Raise up the banner of the kingdom and let us all take a stand.

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