Monday, August 7, 2017

Town of Pincher Creek meets with sports delegations

Toni Lucas - Council for the Town of Pincher Creek met for their regular meeting on the evening of July 24.  At the meeting two delegations appeared before council.  One was Kelly Nelson on behalf of the Pincher Creek Skating Club, the other was Alecia Williams on behalf of the Wildrose Rough Runner event.

Pincher Creek Skating Club President Kelly Nelson asked to  have fees waived or reduced for the use of the MCC Arena.  The club has lower attendance than in some previous years.  "In this economy, we can't raise the skating fees any more than we already have, because we would probably lose even more kids, and the ice fees take up a huge chunk of our funds."  Nelson said that the Skating Club has heard that they town has reduced fees for various hockey groups and the Dolphins swim club.  "It would be nice if they could do the same for the skating club, and any help in this matter would be appreciated."  Nelson was directed to talk to the Recreation Department, and Councillor Doug Thornton suggested an application be submitted to the joint funding program as there are skaters both from the Town and the MD.

Wildrose Rough Runner gave a post-event update to the Town, and thanked the Town for their support.  The event was held June 2.  There were close to 200 runners in the event.  "65% were visitors, to southwestern Alberta."  Williams gave a breakdown of statistics for the event in her presentation.  She said the planning currently includes two new events for the 2018 event: a 100 metre vertical sprint, and a trail run.  Williams thanked the Town for all of their help with the event.

Both women were thanked for their time, and bringing the information to the Town.  Mayor Don Anderberg explained the presentations will be discussed at a future meeting.

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