Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Vandals strike Pincher Creek's Cenotaph Park fountain and various other properties

Vandalized birdbath fountain at Cenotaph Park
Toni Lucas - Pincher Creek has endured a string of vandalism incidents in recent weeks, including damage to the birdbath fountain in Cenotaph park and graffiti to various properties around town. The vandalism has occurred both on public and private property.   "That park is done by volunteers," said Pincher Creek RCMP Constable Wallace. "So it's been a hard week on volunteers in this area. That is dedicated to the memory of our soldiers.  It strikes me as a really horrendous thing to do." Other properties have been defaced with grafitti, including the letters 'ISBG' (meaning unknown to us).  "We have noticed it popping up," said Cst. Wallace.  "The police will record it, then try to get it covered as quickly as possible."  He advises if you see grafitti, please report it to the local RCMP and then after it has been recorded cover the graffiti up so it does not become a normal or accepted thing in our community.  Affected properties include the former Bargain Shop, the Source, the old Source location, behind the Alberta Hotel, and street signs.

If anyone has information regarding these incidents, please contact the Pincher Creek RCMP at 403-627-6010.

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