Friday, September 22, 2017

2017 Pincher Creek High School Rodeo

Pincher Creek High School Rodeo Club
Back L-R Martyna Lively, Sarah Kirby, Alisha Stevenson, Jackson Brathwaite, Kassi Wells, Ben Mitchell, Nelz Vance
Front L-R Danielle Hann, Hailey Grove, Waci Thomson, Morgan Dingreville, Ryatt Thomson.
Cathy Mitchell photo

Toni Lucas - Alberta High School Rodeo District 1 held the 2017 Pincher Creek Rodeo at the Pincher Creek Agricultural Grounds on September 8 to 10. This is the second high school rodeo of the season for this group and the first year the junior high students have joined the senior high students, There were 80 high school students, and *40 junior high participants, coming from all over southern Alberta. They all demonstrated grace under pressure, particularly with having to deal with smoke affecting their animals.
*corrected for accuracy

Altie Rutledge winner Jackson Braithwaite with Pincher Creek Rodeo Club Student President, Alisha Stevenson
Cathy Mitchell photo

The Altie Rutledge winner this year was Jackson Braithwaite.  This award is presented to the local High Point contestant. Altie Rutledge was a dedicated local rodeo volunteer who passed away in 1989.

Local Results

High School Members:
Martyna Lively 
Cutting Day 1 5th Day 2 2nd - Barrels Day 1 2nd Day 2 8th

Sarah Kirby
Goats Day 1 4th Day 2 11th

Alisha Stevenson
Poles Day 1 22nd Day 2 3rd - Breakaway Day 1 no info Day 2 6th - Barrels Day 1 13th Day 2 5th

Jackson Braithwaite
Tie Down 2nd - Team Roping 4th

Kassi Wells
Working Cow Horse Day 1 3rd Day 2 2nd

Ben Mitchell
Working Cow Horse Day 1 5th Day 2 3rd - Cutting Day 1 2nd Day 2 2nd, - Tie Down 3rd

Nelz Vance 
Steer Wrestling 1st

Danielle Hann 
Poles Day 1 13th  - Goats Day 2 19th

Junior Members:
Ryatt Thomson 
Goats Day 1 7th Day 2 8th

Waci Thomson 
Poles Day 1 10th Day 2 6th - Ribbon Roping Day 1 3rd - Barrels Day 1 10th Day 2 10th

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