Friday, September 22, 2017


Editors note:  The Jenkins ranch lost their home and much more in the recent Kenow fire.

David Daniel Jenkins - My heart is full. I'm humbled to my core by the love you have shown me and my family and neighbours. It has been one exquisite kindness after another. Out of all of this, the one desire that stays with me, that keeps me up at night, is in the days and years ahead to be worthy of even a fraction of that love. When I'm overwhelmed and overcome it isn't so much because of the loss but because my heart is too full. And so I've had to step away for a day or two--no surprise, I'm sure, to all who know me. But I will be stepping forward soon, into your kitchens and guest bedrooms, with all the gratitude a heart can carry.

Yesterday I went to witness the aftermath of this awful conflagration, and as I stared into the wreckage of my childhood home, and the home I had hoped to grow old in, the pain and loss nearly put me to my knees. But then I stepped back and stared instead at my beloved Cottonwood Creek as it gurgled away on its final bend before spilling into the Waterton River, and I looked at the grand old willows my mom planted so many years ago that somehow miraculously survived (and the plum tree too, Mom!), and I lifted my eyes to Sofa and Galwey and Horseshoe Basin, where eighty years ago my dad used to go on school picnics, and I imagined all the green green grass that will grow in spring, and somewhere deep down I felt and saw the first faint glimmerings of new beginnings.

One last thing: I wish I'd said this in my previous (Facebook) post (above) because it's most important to me. I want to thank, from the bottom of my heart, everyone, up and down the line, who has fought this fire, in whatever capacity--in particular, the Waterton Lakes field unit, and the friends and colleagues who did anything that was asked of them in the effort to beat this beast. Most of all I send my love to our fire team. You fought this terrible demon with all the daring and intelligence and unstinting energy anyone anywhere could ask for. You were warriors and I know your hearts are breaking too.

Click here to contribute to a Gofundme effort on behalf of the Jenkins family.

For more information about helping the Jenkins family and Cal Wellman at a work bee planned for tomorrow September 23 click here.

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