Friday, September 29, 2017

Against the wind...

Robert Costa photo

Robert Costa says he encountered this double-decker bus three times today on the way home.  His first encounter with it was at Pincher Station, where it was "heading west at  30 - 40 km/hr, respectfully driving on the shoulder."  Costa said it was clearly an import from Britain, being a right-hand drive "and the right colour and flag."

"When I passed him I saw he had plants in the "upstairs" windows. Home Sweet Home and heading west into the wind. I can only imagine the upcoming passes in BC. Good grief!"


This additional information was supplied by Mike Barkwith, a retired engineer from England:
"Well it looks like a London Route master RM built '54 to '68 and fitted with a six cylinder diesel, it does however look to have the optional RMC rear power operated doors. These buses all had manual transmission but had a pre-selector gear box. You selected the gear you needed next and the change was done automatically when you operated the clutch pedal. They are very stable and have been tilt tested, although the film (below) shows the earlier RT model."

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