Monday, September 11, 2017

Cardston and Pincher Creek Health Centres limiting visitors due to smoke

Alberta Health Services (updated September 11) - Visitor restrictions remain at Cardston and Pincher Creek Health Centres due to smoke that enters the buildings when doors are opened. If visits are not truly urgent, we are asking people to postpone visiting until the air quality improves. At this time weather forecasts indicate that relief does not appear to be imminent.

There was an error in the Lethbridge Herald this morning, saying people were being asked to refrain from visiting evacuation centre. This is not the case- we are only asking people to refrain from visiting Cardston and Pincher Creek hospitals.


  1. How does this make any sense? More people will need a doctor because of smoke and problems breathing so you're taking less patients? Not very helpful or community minded. We are all suffering from the smoke, we can't get away from it. Seeing less patients isn't going to lessen the smoke, but it is going to affect those who need help and will now feel like they can't seek it. Lump of coal for you AHS.

  2. I don't think this is what they are saying. They have requested that people visiting the clinic for non-essential visits decline doing so at this time. Regular check-ups and mild issues that are not urgent and life threatening can wait. This will allow the clinics to deal with urgent issues (many of them may be respiratory) without unnecessarily compromising the air quality within their buildings.

  3. This is for people coming into the buildings to visit patients. It is not saying for people who are ill to not come.

  4. Would AHS be able to clarify for readers what exactly they mean as it appears there are different points of view on their statement.

    1. A clarification has been added, thank you for bringing that concern to our attention.


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