Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Going through Hell

Joyce Sasse - “If you are going through Hell, keep going”. That was Winston Churchill’s advice, learned from his experience as Prime Minister of Great Britain during World War II.  Those trying to “keep going” through the heat, drought and fire threats of this past summer well understand Churchill’s advice.

We do what we can to help each other “keep going”, though often we are tempted by bursts of anger. We grit out teeth when we hear others say “The Town” is required to provide all protective services because we pay our taxes. We fume when we are reminded of the importance of conserving water, but notice who still has green lawns…

Lessons learned from living through successive years of drought has been invaluable for me. Constant water shortages and the need to learn rules imposed at the Public Bath House, during four years in South Korea, are not to be forgotten.

It is as we talk about our fears and share our experiences that we help each other keep going. Even when the rains come, how much and how long will it take to reduce the risks? To replenish and restore? What evidence of the stress will be reflected through our physical and mental health status? What spiritual reserves can we call forth?

Rodney Atkins wrote song lyrics based on Churchill’s advice. In part they read, “The good news is there’s angels everywhere on the street / Holdin’ out a hand to pull you back on your feet …” The chorus suggests “(If) you’re on your knees keep prayin’.”

At any time, even while fear constricts our throats, we can reach out and be an angel to another. The Spirit, which dwells in each of us, helps us help each other keep going through the darkness.

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