Saturday, September 30, 2017

PCES Deputy Ambulance Chief Marg Cox retires

Marg Cox
Toni Lucas - Pincher Creek Emergency Services (PCES) Deputy Ambulance Chief Marg Cox has retired after 20 years of service in our area. She started working with the Beaver Mines Hall 20 years ago.  She was and is an advocate of better Advanced Life Support Skills (ALS) training for area first responders, and became the first paramedic in Pincher Creek. The PCES Deputy Ambulance Chief position which will now be assumed by Richard Claude.

"I love our community, and that is what put me into fire and EMS to start with," said Cox.  "I have used the services, and it was a way of me giving back, and I got bit by the bug." She says it is a great career, and she has really appreciated the opportunity to serve the community.

Cox recognizes it is not an easy job. The work is physically emotionally and mentally taxing. "Some of what we do is extremely painful, or heartbreaking. Knowing the people, they are your neighbours, your friends, it doesn't affect the care, but it affects you."

"Even in bad situation, where you cannot help the patient, per se, it is your job to help the family or whoever is there to get through it as best we can, with the time we have."

When one young paramedic saw Cox and another PCES ambulance attendant waiting at a hospital in Calgary until a child in their care could be attended to he told them they could leave the infant and return later. Cox explained they knew they could, but they would stay, "Because we care. We care about this child, and this is something we can do." He was surprised at the level of care they were putting into their job and told them he does not actually care about anyone who he works with in a day, it is a job to him. "Do you have to care to do this job? No. You can use your skills. Does it add a different dimension to your patient care? It certainly does."

"We have a great staff here, who cares."

 "It really is time to for me to move on and let younger people take over."

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