Thursday, September 7, 2017

Pet care in smoky conditions

Toni Lucas -With the smoke from wildfires visible in the air around us some people are concerned about how to make their pets more comfortable. Pincher Creek Veterinary Clinic Veterinarian, Brendan Cole gave some practical advice to pet owners. "Just like us, their eyes, lungs, nostrils and throat get irritated. Whatever is uncomfortable for us is going to be uncomfortable for them." He suggested ways of relieving your animal's discomfort is similar to us: Avoid going outside when the smoke is thick, have plenty of water available for drinking at all times, avoid exercising them heavily in the smoke. Cats especially are susceptible to asthma and like humans can be finding the current air quality uncomfortable. "Smoke in the air can really irritate them." If your animal is in distress you should contact your veterinarian.


If you have to evacuate your home consider having a kit ready for your pet. Pack a travel bag with the following items: your vets phone number, any prescription medications your pet requires, litter box and litter, or waste disposal bags, food, treats, a special toy and a copy of their vaccine certificate in case they need to be taken to a boarding kennel.  A pet carrier is advised.


In the case of having to move your animal for any reason during this time, even if they are used to riding in a vehicle they may be more excitable due to the scent of the smoke. He advises you move them in a pet carrier. If you have to stop the car be cautious as your animal may bolt. "Your dog may be nervous, keep them on a leash." keep windows closed so they cannot escape through them, Keep the car cooled by air conditioning if possible so they do not overheat. and make sure they have water available.  

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