Wednesday, September 27, 2017

While praying for puddles

Joyce Sasse - There’s every probability that threat from drought, water-shortage and fire will continue for some time in Southwestern Alberta. With the history of heavy west winds throughout the fall, our alert mechanisms will remain on high. Still, life goes on.

For us and so many others across the country these are tough times. Tensions and stress accumulate and can easily overwhelm us. Some respond with anger, others withdraw. Some turn to alcohol or drugs, others feel life is without hope.

This is a time to LAMENT: when we try to find safe ways to give vent to our disappointments and our fears. There will be sleepless nights. Tears can bring some release. We can even shout at God as we try to regain perspective. (That’s different than blaming God or making assertions that God is passing judgement on us.)

Processing our laments helps us move forward as we look for focus and right-mindedness. Work it through. Talk it out. Think back to past times when life has been a struggle. Give thanks for survival lessons learned.

It helps to count our assets. The phone calls asking how we are... The simple, innocent hug of a youngster… The thoughtful ways someone else sees the situation …

Start asking yourself what you can do? What have we done right? Who needs support? How can changes be made? Where do we go from here?

Most faith traditions understand how elements of lament can lead us away from despair. Biblically, Psalm 43 starts with the cry “Out of the depth I cry to you. O Lord hear my voice.” It ends with the affirmation of trust. “My soul waits for the Lord more than the watchman waits for the morning.”

Meanwhile, pray for puddles!

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