Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Wildfire relief one lemonade at a time.

Small business, big hearts - Sienna and Jacob Poulsen
Toni Lucas - Wildfires have been the topic of conversation in many people's homes as of late. Sienna and Jacob Poulsen have decided to do something about it on Sunday and Monday last weekend. They started a lemonade and cupcake stand, with half of the proceeds destined to go toward British Columbia wildfire relief efforts and the first responders involved. They chose to do it after realizing what was falling on them outside was ash. "We wanted to do something," said Sienna. She baked and iced the cupcakes herself. The two philanthropically inclined entrepreneurs first set the stand up outside their home, but got better traffic once they set up in the parking lot of the Co-op gas bar, with permission from Pincher Creek Co-op. Sienna goes to St. Michael's School, and said she may continue to run a stand until school starts on Thursday.

Editor's note:  The lemonade was very refreshing, and the cupcakes are amazing.

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