Friday, October 13, 2017

2017 Blessing and Rededication of St Michael's School

Chris Davis - St. Michael's School in Pincher Creek hosted a welcome back barbecue on Thursday, September 28. The food was prepared by the Knights of Columbus. The event welcomed all the students back to school, allowed their parents and guardians a chance to get to know the teachers better, and welcomed and familiarized new students with the school.

The Knights of Columbus provided the BBQ

Principal Tina Delinte and Associate Principal Karen Schmidt welcomed new families, and Father Silvano said grace. The children were invited to introduce their families to three teachers each. Once that was done, they could claim a prize, a flying dragon toy. This resulted in a lot of children outside seeing how far they could fly their new prizes.

The next day, September 28, the school held a ceremony to bless and rededicate the newly modernized facility. The event included numerous dignitaries and concluded with guided tours of the renovated campus. The modernization and 'right sizing' process began in 2015. Approximately $11.5 million was spent on the project, which is now nearing completion. The north wall of the school is still under construction after the small gymnasium formerly there was removed.

The student body has now completely returned to the premises after several years as a split campus, with older students using the Vertical Church as their main campus during construction.

Grade 12 students Tyler Gerber and Alex Russell acted as MCs for the blessing and rededication event.  

Guest speakers, officiators, and dignitaries included:
  • Alberta Education South Services Manager Dan Ferguson
  • Pincher Creek Mayor Don Anderberg
  • MD of Pincher Creek Reeve Brian Hammond
  • MD of Pincher Creek councillors Terry Yagos, Fred Schoening, Quentin Stevick, and Garry Marchuk
  • Clergy: Father James Hagel, Father Silvano Vargas, Father Kevin Tumback
  • First Nations, Metis, and Inuit elders Jeannie Provost and Peter Strikes With A Gun
  • Holy Spirit School Division Board members Brian Kanzler (Chair) and trustees Judy Lane and Pat Bremner
  • Holy Spirit Superintendent Chris Smeaton
  • Holy Spirit District Administrators Lisa Palmarin, Joann Bartley, Lorelie Lenaour, Michelle Mackinnon, and Dr. Maurice Many Fingers.

Dr. Maurice Many Fingers
 In addition to speeches from many of the above, the St. Michael's School Prayer was recited in Blackfoot by Dr. Maurice Many Fingers, in French by Mrs. Manon Thauvette, and in English by Mrs. Celia Clinton.  Father James Hagel performed the blessing.

The event concluded with a closing song, "Thank You Lord".

Elevator improves hallway access

Electronic whiteboards are in almost every room

Glass dividers allow for expanded classrooms when required

There are also some major staffing changes at St. Michael's. Tina Delinte has taken the role of Principal after the retirement of Don Kuchison.  Karen Schmidt is the new Associate Principal, Art and Music teacher.  Alice Flecha is the new Librarian and Learning Commons manager. Cheryl Percival joined the teaching staff for Elementary and Grade 9.  Trevor Clinton joined the Caretaking team.

Trustee Judy Lane

Holy Spirit School Division Trustee Judy Lane has been acclaimed and will therefore remain in her role.

As a Roman Catholic Holy Spirit School, St. Michael's is in the second year of a Three Year Faith Plan, a phase called “Growing in Spirit” with a focus on nurturing prayer life.

St. Michael's was first established in 1904.

Former St. Michael's teacher and Principal (late 60s/early '70s) Mr. Bitango taking the tour

Modular furniture

Skylight in "The Den"

Crest in gymnasium floor

Athlete change room (Girls)

Athlete change room (Girls)


Modernized office

Large new music room

Looking out at The Den from the drama room/stage

Final stage of construction at north end

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