Thursday, October 12, 2017

Kenow fire concerns discussed again at MD of Pincher Creek council meeting

Chris Davis - At their October 10 regular meeting council for the MD of Pincher Creek again discussed councillor Quentin Stevick's September 26 postponed proposed resolution to have a public review of the response to the Kenow fire and a delegation of Twin Butte residents who made requested an inquiry of at the outset of that same September 26 regular council meeting (click here for related story) .

Councillor Terry Yagos reiterated his opinion that the parameters of a review should be more clearly defined before making a decision on the matter.  Councillors Garry Marchuk and Fred Schoening and Reeve Brian Hammond agreed that any such decision should be postponed until a Unified Command debriefing has been provided, which is scheduled for late October. Hammond said initiating a review would be premature at this point in time.  Councillor Yagos moved that Stevick's resolution be tabled until the regular council meeting of November 7 (one meeting after council's planned post-election organizational meeting), after the debriefing.  Councillor Schoening asked for a recorded vote.  The motion to table passed, with councillors Schoening and Stevick opposed.

^ Video: MD council discussing disposition of Twin Butte delegation.

Later during council's October 10 meeting they discussed the disposition of the September 26 delegation from a coalition of Twin Butte area residents, who asked for a public inquiry into the response to the Kenow fire.  Councillor Stevick represents District 1, the area in question, and asked to address the coalition members in attendance, a request denied by the Reeve (such addresses do not conform to the council's normal rules of order).  A discussion between councillors ensued, primarily along the same lines as the one concerning Stevick's proposed resolution, with the major difference being that Stevick asked for a review and the delegation asked for a formal inquiry.

Councillor Yagos moved that council would respond to the delegation once the results of the aforementioned debriefing occurred. That motion passed unanimously.

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